What is the head weight of the putters we can make?

All putters you create will be about 370 grams. They might weigh a little more or less depending on what finishes and engraving you chose.

How are they manufactured?

All putter heads are made utilizing the latest metal 3D printing technology. This is what gives us the ability to offer as many customization options as we do. Milling custom putter shapes requires programming tool paths which is why typical custom milled putter heads cost $1,000+. 

Are there performance differences between 3D printed and milled putters?

While we haven't done extensive testing, we can say the 3D printed putters roll the ball on-line and make birdies! Also, we can say that there are many factors that have a greater effect on performance than the manufacturing process. The length, face loft, and hosel placement all play a big part. If you are curious about what's best for you, you can follow our self fitting guide or book an appointment with a club fitting pro.

How long will it take to get my putter?

Due to demand and supply chain you can expect about 60 days to get your putter. We appreciate your patience and promise it will be worth it!

Will the putter look exactly like the 3D computer model?

No, the 3D computer model is just an approximation. There will be differences and the surface will not be perfect like it is in the 3D viewer. Make sure you look a the image gallery to see what finished putters look like.