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Process Overview

Here is a quick guide for creating a completely unique putter here at Putter Guild.

1. Chose Your Profile

Your face profile is the basis for your putter style. Choose whatever shape speaks to you most!

2. Chose Your Hosel

Match the hosel placement to your putting stroke. Heel anchored hosels are good for curved putting arcs. Hosels that push the shaft closer to the center of the club face are better for straighter putting strokes.

3. Mid Section Design

Pick a shape and style that fits your vibe! The mid-section variations are all designed so that whatever you choose, the perforamce stays the same.

4. Back Shape

Your decision here is about style and performance. A back that is flatter and longer will increase stability. Something shallower will have a more traditional look and feel.

5. Loft and Lie

The amont of loft you pick depends on how much you forward press your hands when you putt. Lots of forward press? Choose 4.5 degrees of loft. No forward press? Pick 2 degrees of loft. Most off the rack putters split the difference at 3.5 degrees. Lie is how flat the putter sits on the ground. If your putter toe sticks up at address a flatter lie will work better.

6. Face Design

Pick your insert groove design, insert material, and logo paint fill color.

7. Surface Finishes

Customize how your putter looks! Choose from a variety of Cerakote colors for a truly unique pop!

8. Customize the Sole

Get almost anything you want engraved on the sole. Choose from our Putter Guild templates or upload something that is unique to you! Please note, we will NOT engrave anything that is vulgar, racist, obscene, inflammatory, political, or in any other way objectionable.

9. Shaft

Choose a shaft style and color that suits your game best.

10. Grip

The grip is your connection to the club. Choose somethig that makes you feel like you can make a confident stroke.

11. Putter Length

The length of the putter is measured from the end of the grip to the bottom of the sole of the club. See our sizing chart for what works best for you. 35" - 34.5" is what most "off the rack" putters are.

12. Headcover

Never play without protection! Don't let your new beautiful creation get beat up from bag chatter.

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